Welcome to Gaithersburg Golf Leagues - 2018

Gaithersburg Golf is an informal golf league open to all.
The league started out with current and retired employees
(and friends) of IBM, Lockheed Martin and others, residing
at or near Gaithersburg, MD. It now includes others from the
northern Montgomery County, MD region.

2018 Gaithersburg Golf Leagues           

League Week 15

           Comments: Updated July 16, 2018

              Laytonsville Monday     Round 13 Played: 7/16/2018                     
              Blue Mash Tuesday     Round 12 Played: 7/10/2018                      Rained out this week
              Laytonsville Thursday     Round 14 Played: 7/19/2018      Final Round
              Little Bennett Thursday     Round 13 Played: 7/19/2018     

Quote / Jokes from Jack / The Rules Guy

      Updated July 15, 2018

Thw woods are full of long drivers.

. . . . . . . . . . . . Harvey Penick

Another from "Jack's Library" . . . An Inspriation to Older Folks Everywhere!

Reposting of all those "Jack's Jokes" from 2017.
Reposting of previous "Jack's Jokes" from This year.

Ask The Rules Guy (From Golf Magazine, November 2017, pg 26)

Question: In a recent match-play event, my shot stopped a few feet
from the pin. I was in the process of marking when my opponent, who
was off the green, told me to "leave the ball alone." He went on to
say that, since we were engaged in match play, once I had played
"he had control of my ball." Is this really a thing?

Response: You'll forgive me for asking, but was this a senior
match-play event? Because the right to control an opponent's ball
in match play hasn't been a feature of the rules since way back
in 1984, and some old-timers who haven't kept up with the rules
still operate under this misconception. (They're the same fine
gentlemen who try to employ the stymie ... and write letters to
Rules Guy on a typewriter.) So, as noted earlier, you indeed have
the right to mark your ball - and you certainly should if you feel
it might assist with your opponent's play. Just let him know. To
be safe, you might want to speak a bit louder than usual.

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League Rules and player course description information for
Laytonsville and Little Bennett courses is provided. No
player description of Blue Mash is available, but a web site
link provides some course information.

For more official information on the courses included in the
league, take a look at the Montgomery County Golf
and Blue Mash web sites.

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